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Connecting people with products, services, and ideas expands their horizons and increases their quality of life. We believe that a connected world is a better world, and it is this belief that drives everything we do at ShippingToGo.

Delivers are priced individually depending on the measurements as well as on what the package includes. We will only present you with the best deals and leave you free to choose the choice that you want without pressuring you.

Tracking down the most valuable mail delivery!

You'll be well on your way to saving money by comparing each courier and learning how to properly package a parcel.Save Costs by Packing Your Parcel

Since our postage costs are calculated based on volumetric weight, knowing the weight and dimensions of the contents in your package is a good place to start.

Make sure your goods are packed as small as possible.The cost of delivery can make or break a potential buyer's decision. What methods do you use to keep distribution costs to essentials?

When selling an item, you must be savvy and cost-conscious when it comes to shipping. Make sure that the shipping costs aren't factored into the item's price, so the price of your clothes is separated from the delivery costs.Are you in a hurry and want to save time and money ordering your favorite item?

Fast and cheap!

  • Plan what you want to buy
  • To make it easier, group related objects together.
  • JWhen you're cleaning out your belongings and want to see what's popular to sell, look for top-selling pieces

Wrap it up

Do you feel bored and you want to experience something fun, while you make your orders?

ShippingToGo allows you to play games, while you are trying to send packages. It takes just a few minutes to participate and the steps that you need to take are easy.

Every Friday, a winner will be selected at random to earn a refund on their order, so if you have a package to send, don't forget to use the hashtag #ShippingToGo in your tweet.Cutting Costs

The price is the number one reason people prefer ShippingToGo to send a shipment.

We provide some of the most affordable domestic and foreign shipping rates because we deal with courier partners who provide us with large volumes of orders in exchange for lower rates. Our services are of the same high quality as booking directly with the Post Office or with a courier; the only difference is that when you book online with us, you save money.

These savings can then be used as you please, whether it's to sell your goods if you run a small business or to give holiday presents – an even better gift!

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