The American dream, equal opportunities. The balance between convenience and cost.

Wondering where to make this possible? With us, you can now! Do you want to safely send a parcel abroad?
ShippingToGo offers International Courier Services and Parcel Delivery. Bring home a piece of everything. Cheap shipping from your place to anywhere in America!

Get the best delivery services.

We are dedicated to providing a great value shipping service in the USA. We help businesses, as well as individuals, transport important paperwork, packages, and other things, meeting and even exceeding their expectations

We understand that everything that needs to be delivered, needs to be treated within care, that’s why we work only with the best couriers like UPS, FedEx, DHL, and much more. It’s you who chose the courier.
A wide range of options for international parcel delivery is guaranteed. You can always find the service that you need based on the package.

ShippingToGo allows you to use the parcel tracking service for all your shipments. All you have to do is enter your tracking number and trace your postage with us.

Don’t let shipping be difficult.
We’re determined to help you overcome your challenges.

The only thing you need to do is choose the courier service and stay at home. No more dropping the packages.

If you’re looking for the cheapest way to international postage, you’re in luck because ShippingToGo offers the best delivery services at the cheapest prices! Trust us your parcel and you won’t regret it!

Where can you send a package with ShippingToGo?
The answer is all over the USA. If our clients prefer to choose the courier that will deliver their package, then we can offer them a great list from which they can choose. As stated before we work with the best couriers because we want to offer only the best services in the industry.

When someone wants to send a package with ShippingToGo they have to know the dimensions of the parcel and the complete address where they want to send it. A courier would come to take the package, and in case the client does not want to wait, then they can drop it at one of the Pick-Up points.

Our Top Tips for everyone who wants to make a delivery

  • A parcel that is adequately packaged arrives at the destination in one piece. International parcels make several stops, so make sure it’s packaged securely.
  • Think about protecting your package with inclusive cover
  • Check to see if the items you’re sending are allowed in the destination country.
  • Include the receiver’s contact details. Details like a phone number or email address will come in handy
  • Book express delivery if you want the goods to arrive the following day. Sometimes, there is extra stock in the distribution center.

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