Everyone desires to make deliveries in Europe for low prices and ShippingToGo can make it real! We collaborate with internationally recognized, valued, and trusted shipping companies such as DHL, TNT, UPS, and FedEx to ensure that all packages you send to the Netherlands, no matter how small or big, arrive on time and without injury.

Since the distance to the Netherlands and Uk is not that long, shipping is not expensive. Put the measurements on the quotes and you will get the price of your package. Although the United Kingdom and the Netherlands are both members of the European Union, matching import prohibitions are common. However, before sending anything to this lovely Benelux nation, make sure you read the list of things you can’t send:

  • Live animals, plants and trees, fish, mollusks, aquatic creatures of any kind
  • Dairy products and birds eggs
  • Lard, pig and poultry fat, fats of bovine animals
  • Pasta, cereals
  • Tobacco, cigarettes, tobacco substitutes, and other products containing tobacco
  • Salt, sulfur, soil, minerals, lime, cement
  • Mineral oils
  • Substances that harm the ozone layer
  • Items that violate trademarks or copyright laws
  • Laser pointers of class III and IV along with laser gadgets classified in Class II, III, and IV
  • Beans and seeds from Egypt

Do not forget to use the courier’s tracking number to keep track of your package at all times.

We ensure that sending a parcel to the Netherlands from any country will be really easy!

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