If you think that finding the right shipping to Australia might be tricky, it is because you have not heard about the cheapest way, called ShippingToGo. Ship your package to Australia from every country with the best offer possible!

We work hard to ensure that our customers’ postage to Australia is handled by professional couriers and is completely trackable, even though Australia is over 9,000 miles away.

How does it work?

  • Get a quote and be aware of the price. Complete the quote by writing the size and the weight of the package to receive the relevant information about postage costs.
  • The cost of shipping from the United Kingdom to Australia varies depending on the scale, weight, and courier you select.
  • Keep in mind that gifts under 1,000 Australian dollars are tax-free.
  • We recommend using a suitable gift bag since Australian Customs Officers have the right to inspect packages at any time. Wrapping can be ripped or removed completely during an inspection.

More than that, if you need to ship fairly large products to Australia, we can help. We can make you ship items between 30 to 900 kilos, by entering the item’s name with the other details and you will get the best price available.

Besides, if you are tired of waiting too many days, ShippingToGo guarantees delivery to Australia from 3 to 7 days.

Don’t worry about what you need to have shipped, we have you covered!

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