nternational shipping is easier than ever. To help you find the best international shipping services, we’ve brought multiple international shipping companies together, so you can compare shipping types and costs to suit your needs and budget.

If you are about to ship internationally first time, then keep reading, because this article will tell you everything you should know about sending the package to cross-border.

International shipping companies

When it is about sending a package internationally, you will make sure, it’s in safe hands.

Most established and reputable international companies such as DHL, USPS, FedEx, and TNT will make your shipping safer and quicker than ever.

These companies offer the cheapest rates as well as zero compromises on service.

All courier partners offer online package tracking which you can access with your own tracking tool, giving you full visibility and peace of mindthroughout transit.

International shipping times

When you ship a package overseas, it is important to think through how quickly you would like it to arrive.

International shipping time changes depending on how far your shipment needs to travel.

So, if it’s a long haul journey, make sure, you allow enough shipping time.

If you are shipping internationally to the neighboring country, for example, the USA to Canada, delivery could be as fast as the next working day.

Main destinations such as Europe are well networked with broad passage links so you can expect fast transit time than shipping to more remote areas around the globe.

Using an online shipping calculator, you will be able to compare shipping time and choose from a range of expedited economy and delivery international shipping services.

How to Ship Internationally?

Step 1: What, Where & How Much You Can Send Package Internationally?

  • Search the country you are sending the shipment to the International Mail Manual’s individual state listing for.
  • What you aren’t permitted to send to that state, also read general International shipping Prohibitions and Restrictions.
  • How much weight and size you can send.
  • What courier services you can use.
  • Other states specific information.

Step 2: Pick an International Shipping Service

USPS has 6 different services for shipping internationally.

Some services are limited to particular countries, or for certain amounts or types of contents: Check the individual state listing for info on particular countries.

Read to know which services you can use to send package internationally, depend on what you are sending and where you are sending to, and then fine-tune your decision based on speed, price, and available features.

Step 3: Arrange Your Box to Ship Internationally

Pack your shipping material and make sure the content arrives intact.

Use a solid box with enough room to add cushioning for the delicate item to prevent it from shocks.

If you are recycling your old box, make sure all shipping labels, old markings, and addresses are completely blacked out or covered.

Step 4: Write the Exact Address

Please write a complete address parallel to the longest side of your package and ensure postage and address will fit on the same side.

International address formats are changed for each country.

You should write sending address in English.

If you use another language, don’t forget to add English Translation aftereach line.

Step 5: Calculate and Apply Postage

If you’re going to pay for postage or use stamps at the post office, you can find out the price of postage via an International postage calculator.

You can also use the Click-N-Ship service to print international postage and pay for Global Express Guaranteed, Priority Mail International,

Priority Mail Express International, and first class-package international service.

Step 6: Generate Your Customs Labels & Form

You have to fill in a customs form when you send a package internationally.

All customs forms are computer-generated.

If you use the click-N-ship service to print your postage, it will print a custom form as well.

If you will be paying for your postage at the post office, you save time by printing your own customs forms at home using customs form online tool.

Otherwise, you bring your package to the post office, fill out for PS 2976-R, and handover it to the courier associates so they can create yourcustom form.

Step 7: Send Your International Shipment

Once your package has an exact address, customs form, postage, the mode of transient will depend on weight and size; either you paid postage online or used stamps; and if it has a computer-generated customs form.

You can always hand over your package to a clerk at courier form to ship internationally.

However, at times, you can schedule a free shipment to pick up or drop off your shipment in a blue collection box (restriction applies).

Factors That Impact the International Shipping Cost

If you are an international company or cross-border individual, and you need to ship around the globe, and you might be wondering why the price seems to vary on a dime

As you might think, there are variables involved in transporting shipments from one country to the next one.

You can better prepare for shipment costs and delivery days by learning about the factors that influence them.

Cost of Fuel:

Regardless of the size and weight of your shipment, you will need fuel.

Fuel costs are always in flux, when the fuel prices go up, shipping companies need to pass along extra charges to their customers

Nasty international disputes or fluctuations in oil supply can change fuel cost dramatically and in return, the cost of shipment changes.

Trade Tariffs and Customs:

Cross-border equals shipping to another state which demonstrates the potential for taxes, trade tariffs on goods imported from another state.

When a company or consumer orders content from another state with trade tariffs, they need to pay a tax on this buying, increasing the cost of international shipping.

A state may impose trade tariffs to give a leg up to domestic manufacturing or production.


Some states also impose stiff security protocols at shipping ports.

This is usually a common practice in countries with a dictatorial rule or ones that are experiencing a state of emergency.

These countries might be skeptical of all expected shipments and may put them through hard screening processes before packages are allowed to arrive in the country.

These added security actions may deferral a shipment or affect overall shipping charges if the port issues a safety surcharge.

Shipping corporations should have a strong sense of which harbors levy these kinds of protocols, so they can charge their clients an extra fee.

Port Congestion:

The busiest ports can generate bottlenecks in the supply chain, which increases fuel costs and delay shipments.

These pots are in Asia, including Singapore and Hong Kong.

If you are trying to ship to one of the crowded ports in the world, there’s always a chance that your package could cost more, take slower than expected.

As these states get used to the increased flow of transportation, hopefully, some of these delays can be evaded in the future.

and hence they will charge extra from their customers.

Size and Weight:

The weight and size of shipping containers also change the cost of international shipping.

You leave with two options air or ocean.

If you are trying to send a courier overseas as soon as possible you might go with air freight, but extra few pounds in shipment can charge you a fortune when using air freight shipping.

Transportation Method:

The shipment method also impacts your international shipping costs. If you are shipping cross-border, you’ll have a choice between ocean or air mode.

The rates of international shipping can change between these two.

Air shipping is far more expensive than an ocean on, but it is more reliable and faster as well.

Air shipping comes with weight and size limitations, so if you have a massive shipment, you might choose ocean freight rather than air.

Shipping Cost Comparison

Even if you have been shipping packages for a long time, you should frequently conduct a shipping charges comparison. Regular comparisonsmake sure you are getting the best services from Courier Company.

To make sure of this, you can have a look at the shipping cost calculator.

Courier companies already have calculators and allow you to book couriers directly.

For example, here is a package shipping cost comparison table weighing4lb with sizes of 8 11/16” x 5/7/16” x 1 3/4 “.

CourierServiceDelivery Time (claim)Cost (Retail pricing)
USPSPriority Mail International – Small Flat Rate Box6-10 days$36.45
USPSFirst-Class Package International7-15 days$26.36
USPSPriority Mail International6-10 days$51.44
USPSPriority Mail Express International3-5 days$67.28
USPSUPS Worldwide Expedited2-5 days$127.05
USPSUPS Worldwide Saver3-5 days$137.15
FedExInternational Economy4-6 days$113.69
FedExInternational Priority1-3 days$118.72

Concluding Remarks

Finding a safe courier company with reliable charges is a crucial point for any cross-border shipment.

You need to pack and give exact information for secure delivery.

Calculating reliable shipping rates for your parcel also has benefits.

A reputable shipment company gives you a competitive advantage, allows you to send shipments on betting shipping charges.

Before you choose any courier service company, get to know all the restrictions as well as cost details to avoid any problem in delivery.

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