What's essential to know?

In the middle of January 2023, the Israeli export laws changed dramatically and formally by the Israeli government for the better.

It may not seem like this in the beginning, but this step is going to be very efficient and make our lives easier eventually.

The “Global Export Gateway” is a game changer for Israeli customs and exporters for multiple reasons which we will discuss more in this article.

It requires the exporters to take a number of essential steps to be authorized in making shipments from Israel abroad.

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What does it mean?

Well, it basically means that most of the procedure will be done by a smart electronic algorithm that was developed specifically for this purpose in the past 4-5 years.

This is a massive step for Israeli Customs that will help all the relevant institutions involved with easy integration and digital management without using paper at all.

If you are an exporter and you need to export Israeli goods above 250$, you need to have this Smart Card which we will help you to receive.

Israeli global Export Gateway benefits

The main benefits of this process are that you won’t need to deal with paper anymore and things will be done much faster.

Before this transaction by the Israeli government, there was a lot of paperwork and too many governmental institutions were involved such as the Israeli post office, Israeli customs, etc the transactional process wasn’t efficient enough due to the involvement of a lot of parties.

So, it’s definitely a blessed transaction that will serve us all as exporters and importers to be more organized, act fast, and deal better with the different obstacles along the way.

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After doing this step you will be able to export goods above 250$. 

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