Understanding the New Israeli World Export Regulations

Key Updates as of January 2023 In January 2023, the Israeli government significantly overhauled its export regulations with the introduction of the "Global Export Gateway." While these changes might seem daunting at first, they are designed to streamline the export process and ultimately simplify operations for exporters.

The Global Export Gateway: A Game-Changer This new system is transformative for several reasons, notably its shift to a digital framework. The Global Export Gateway reduces the bureaucratic burden by eliminating paper-based processes and replacing them with an advanced electronic algorithm developed over the past 4-5 years. This is a major advancement for Israeli Customs, facilitating smoother integration and digital management across relevant institutions.

What It Means for Exporters For exporters, particularly those shipping goods valued over $250, obtaining a "Smart Card" is now a prerequisite. This card enables exporters to engage with the new digital system efficiently. At ShippingToGo, we specialize in navigating these new requirements and can assist you in obtaining your Smart Card quickly and effortlessly.

Benefits of the Israeli Global Export Gateway The transition to a digital system means that paperwork is no longer necessary, making the export process significantly faster and more streamlined than before. Previously, the involvement of multiple governmental bodies, including the Israeli post office and customs, created inefficiencies and delays. The new system minimizes these issues, allowing exporters and importers to operate more effectively and overcome logistical challenges with greater ease.

How ShippingToGo Can Help At ShippingToGo, our primary goal is to enhance your exporting experience by providing top-tier service at competitive rates. For just $29, we offer comprehensive assistance with the registration and Smart Card application process. This service includes handling all necessary formalities on your behalf once you register on our website and grant us the required permissions.

Get Started Today To take advantage of our services and navigate the new export regulations effortlessly, please register through our website and reach out to us for any further assistance via the provided link. Our dedicated team is here to ensure that your transition to the new system is smooth and beneficial, allowing you to continue exporting goods valued over $250 with ease.

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