Israeli postal service

All of Israel’s reputable shipping firms are led by executives with extensive expertise in international commerce and local shipping.

These businesses understand the significance of proper packing for items that will be transported to local or worldwide markets.

As a result, a shipping business will ensure that the items are securely wrapped and that the weight is spread equally.

All you would do is give over your items to them, and they will take care of the rest, including packing and safe shipment.

The main postal service in Israel

The Israel Postal Service is a global leader in offering a wide range of services to the people via its highly experienced and informed workforce, which employs innovative technology to enhance service and work techniques.

The Israel Postal Service has the most cargo units deployed around the country.

Under the slogan “From everyone to everyone, everywhere, every day, and at an equal price to all,” the Israel Postal Service offers universal postal service to the general public.

Every day, a limitless number of skilled postal delivery employees visit every home and company in Israel, and 2,000 service professionals provide a wide range of around 100 innovative and online goods and services via Israel’s biggest branch network.

How does it work?

A team of skilled salesmen works for the organizations, providing commercial and postal solutions to all industries.

The Israel Postal Service is appreciative of its community outreach and involvement in social programs.

The Israel Post, as a part of the International Postal Union, is responsible for transporting international mail arriving in Israel and sent out of Israel.

International postal items have the format RR012345678IL, with the first two letters indicating the item category and the final two letters indicating the country of origin. You’ll need the tracking number or track code to trace an overseas postal item.

International mail and goods may be traced on Israeli courier companies’ official websites; however, it is inconvenient. You must check the site on a regular basis to learn about updated package statuses. The easiest method is to install the Parcel app and monitor all of your shipments in one spot, even international ones.

When you order items from Chinese online sites like Aliexpress, Joom, and GearBest for delivery to Israel, your package will most likely be handed to the Israel Post once you get in the country. Download the Parcels app for iOS and Android to follow international packages delivered by Israel Post in real-time.

You will constantly be informed of the progress of your package and will know when your overseas delivery reaches at the Israel Post Office if you enable Push Notifications.

Shipping Parcels with Israeli Post Service

The Parcels app lets you monitor parcels sent by Israel Post, as well as those shipped from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, or purchased on AliExpress, Joom, GearBest, BangGood, Taobao, eBay,, Shopee, and other famous online sites.


Israeli Postal Services are well aware of the pressures that local and international shipping places on your packed goods and products. All courier companies assist you in avoiding possible difficulties while designing your packaging, and as a consequence, they ensure that it is safe. Postal service companies ‘ll help you with packing regulations if you need it, and make sure your items are correctly sealed and braced, with the weight appropriately distributed.

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