Offering out-class products is essential in eCommerce.

However, the last few years observed a shift in client priorities.

Consumers nowadays heavily consider their wholesome experience purchasing from a brand more than the item or service itself.

86% of clients are willing to pay more for a product from a company that offers a top-class shopping experience.

From customer service to delivery shipment, these are some factors that affect the customer experience.

Arguably, one of the chief factors is the provision for shipment tracking.

24% of online shoppers said they are likely to make repeat purchases from a particular brand that offers shipment tracking.

According to the respondents, shipment tracking allows them to plan their day accordingly without postponing tasks because they have to wait longer for their packages to arrive. 


Offering shipment tracking is a means for retailers to be competitive within the eCommerce industry.

But it is easier said than done.

This article explores the importance of international express shipping tracking including practical ways to implement it and best practices in improving shipment tracking usability. 

What is international shipment tracking?

Express shipping is an exclusive service offered by multiple carrier companies to shorten the delivery time for orders thus expediting the shipping process.

The express shipping is carried out by air in the case of international transport. 

Most shippers use the express shipping service for orders that need urgent delivery.

Also, the service is used when goods are classified as time-critical or with an immediate timeline assigned with little prior notice. 

eCommerce has made clients more demanding. Aside from having a plethora of choices at their fingertips, they want a great wholesome purchase experience. 

Shipment tracking is a beneficial way to build open communication lies and build trust with clientele. It involves communicating the order status of each step in the shipping process.

Order tracking differs from retailer to retailer.

It can entail real-time tracking, estimated delivery dates, and updating the order status.

Why express international tracking is important?

As a client, it is relaxing to know when a parcel you order will arrive at your destination.

For instance, if it is a last-minute surprise or gift, it could be important for the order to reach on time exactly as promised.

Your freight delivery arriving when you expect it to is no less challenging, and having your thumb on the pulse of your shipping network will cause a multitude of benefits.

Many larger courier companies track deliveries by inserting a Transportation Management System, or TMS.

As you would see, having an accurate TMS in place will permit you to not only track your international express shipment, but you will be able to get to know your shipping routes, handle audits and recipients, project ways to cut costs and reduce costly mistakes.

The information compiled from a thorough transportation management system will give you valuable data to optimize your shipping methods and mark you competitive.

As mentioned before, order tracking is crucial in maintaining transparency with the customer. However, the benefits of this feature go beyond communication. 

Lower Costs

Choosing to use shipment tracking software is fancy. Software prices hinge on the scale of the eCommerce operation.

But it’s well worth it as it allows traders a full view of the status of their shipments.

Should any challenges pop up during the shipping process, operators can address the problems before reaching the customer.

It can save them a lot from finances from returns, customer complaints, and refunds. 

Improve Customer Experience

Today the brands that offer the best customer experience win the loyalty of the clients.

Shipment tracking plays a chief role in improving the client’s experience. Order tracking offers peace of mind and can even win over hesitant buyers. A pleasant purchase experience wins customer loyalty. 

When your clients can rely on your place to give them this type of delivery information, you can enhance a sense of customer credibility among them.

They will trust your services. You even may be able to potentially increase your ROI (return of investment) even with just a delicate, but dedicated parcel tracking implementation.

Ensure On-Time Delivery 

Shipping delays are the common reason for client complaints, Again, the client is demanding.

It barely matters that the packages arrived unbroken; if it is late the overall purchase experience is poor.

Shipment tracking can lower the instances of delayed shipments.

Because of the high transparency of shipment tracking software, retailers can collaborate with warehousing personnel and carriers. 

Improve Supply Chain Efficiency

An eCommerce supply chain, regardless of the scale of operations, entails plenty of important steps.

If any of the processes aren’t working efficiently, it impacts every other part down the line. Order tracking improves a retailer’s visibility of its supply chain.

It is easier to spot areas that need betterment through this technology. 

Better Communication

Shipment tracking opens up various lines of collaboration in your business, unlike never before.

In the past, you are unable to coordinate with other key players such as warehouse managers, inventory managers, freight carriers, a tracking technology can finally give you this chance.

Better communication leads to a more effective process, which leads to better services and more satisfied customers.

You are also able to retain your valuable items and likewise from better partnership to improve your overall logistic processes.

6 Best Practices in Shipment Tracking 

It is one thing to offer international express shipment tracking, it is another to provide shipment tracking that clients use.

Below are a few steps that can improve buyer’s online shipment tracking experience:

Provide Tracking Numbers for Each Order

Tracking numbers are an important cog in the order tracking machine.

They are a unique set of digits that get assigned to a particular order.

Customer user tracking digits to view the status of their purchase. Without tracking numbers, shipment tracking is impossible.

It is a reliable practice to make the tracking number as visible as possible after client purchase.

Some companies send a confirmation email that also includes a tracking number. 

Allow Customer to Track their Orders on the Website

There are multiple ways a client can view the status of their purchase.

But convenience is everything. To make order tracking easier for shoppers, make the feature available on the website.

Make Tracking Highly Visible

Again, parcel tracking affects customer satisfaction.

As a retailer, equipping your website with this feature is an added but worthwhile expense.

To make most of the investment cost, shipment tracking updates should be as visible as possible.

Don’t buy it in categories or subcategories. If possible, add it to the homepage, preferably in the top right corner of the page. 

Provide Estimated Date and Time

As far as the client is concerned, the estimated shipment date is the chief part of order tracking.

Ideally, it should be the first thing a buyer sees when they check up on their purchases.

If possible, provide the approximation time that the parcel would reach its doors. 

Automate Notifications 

Giving all clients step-by-step updates on their delivery can be laborious, but it is a necessary task.

Masked the process easy by automating shipment tracking notifications. Send automated emails or messages as order status changes.

This small step keeps clients informed and gives them peace of mind.  Shipment tracking Is impactful for both the retailers and their customers.

For online shops, it is a means to keep track of shipments and stay ahead of an issue during the shipment process.

It is an effective tool that builds credibility. In eCommerce, trust is invaluable.

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