In recent months, the value of home delivery has become more apparent than ever, as poor and elderly people send out for critical supplies, and goods we are used to purchasing in person are now available online.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, ShippingToGo had been monitoring creative home-delivery solutions for many months, and we’ve summarized the best of our finds here.HOME DELIVERIES ARE SECURED BY A SMART TECHNOLOGY SYSTEM

This protection system may be a smart solution to package delivery robberies in the home. eDOR is a smart door delivery and security device, according to the company. eDOR, eBOX, and eTETHR are the three components of the device.

The appearance of eDOR is that of a normal door. Via its smart security system, the simple design allows for automatic delivery pickups 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Its two-way camera and keyless entry system allow delivery workers to leave packages without requiring the presence of the homeowner.

The second product, eBOX, takes the device a step further by adding expanding modules that allow for larger packages to be securely stored and secured against theft. Finally, eTETHR is a digital version of the first two items, making it suitable for use in temporary or smaller housing. Packages are detected by sensors and alarms, which monitor their location until the homeowner returns.


The CleverPod is a personal phone app, which has a parcel locker. The Pod is placed in front of a home and in school. It will accept grocery, box, and daily mail deliveries, removing the need to wait at home for deliveries.

Beyond that ShippingToGo has figure it out to make personalized delivers, in order to be more interesting and attracted for the clients. What you need is just your phone and make the order. From your personal information or your names we can personalized your items however you prefer to.DRONES

A delivery drone is a short-range unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) capable of transporting small packages, food, and other items. To boost service delivery, some service providers, such as the United Parcel Service, have experimented with combining drones and truck-based delivery.

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