For packaging is required more than wrapping paper.

We all know how much Santa enjoys delivering his gifts, and you should too! While gift packaging is attractive, it’s not appropriate for shipping. Keep all of your fancy gift wrap, heavy, and bows in a sturdy box, and take the time to properly package any gifts

You’d be surprised at how many hands and machines are involved in transporting your packages around the city, state, or region. Even though they’re in good hands, you should always pack carefully. It’s not as easy as wrapping gifts in another layer of packaging paper and sending them on their way.

Packaging don’ts, that we do not apply

  • To seal your package, avoid using household sellotape or wire. We use strong parcel tape to keep your contents secure inside.
  • Don’t use used or broken boxes to package the product. We choose double-walled, new boxes.
  • Choose packaging that is capable of handling your load. Most boxes can tell you how much weight they will safely bear, that is why we double-check before sending.

What we do:

  • Use a brand new, double-walled box to package your items in.
  • Write the collection and delivery address onto your parcel in a marker pen.
  • Remove all other labels or old addresses from the box.

The key distinction is that all e-commerce shipments need a commercial invoice, while only packages sent through postal services need the additional CN22 or CN23 paper. However, we suggest that you always provide all documents to avoid delays.

Invest in your packaging.

When it comes to creating packaging for foreign shipping, two ‘p’ terms must be remembered: security and presentation.

We want to make sure your contents are as safe as possible, so ShippingToGo considers how far they’re shipping them and the various conditions the package could encounter along the way.

The packaging’s quality is also crucial because it is the first thing our customer sees and that represents our business.

So as a shipping company we take care of our clients and try to use the package that best fits the product.

Shipping and Packaging large items with ShippingToGo

Shipping large and heavy packages, mostly overseas, can be costly. You will save money by shipping all sorts of heavy shipments to destinations all over the world with ShippingToGo. Our customers use our shipping calculator to find the best international shipping rates, and ShippingToGo will be able to deliver your large shipments at a reasonable cost.

If you’ve never shipped a shipment internationally before, the thought of dealing with customs can be intimidating. However, during the booking process, ShippingToGo provides our customers with the necessary documentation to complete, so all you have to do is provide clear information about the value and contents of your package, print the paperwork, and complete it.

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